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iXBRL accounts tagging overview

HMRC give a list of every element within your company accounts that they are interested in. Each of these items in this list has an individual tag. For example, on the cover page of your accounts, your company number will need a tag, as will your company name. Almost every piece of information has a corresponding “tag”.

As this is a new way of submitting, HMRC have given a 2 year “soft landing” approach, where you only need to tag from a minimum tagging list.

Accounts minimum tagging list has the following number of tags.



Tags in minimum tagging list



UKGAAP charities extension




UK Common Data used alongside both UKGAAP and UKIFRS taxonomies


Whilst the taxonomies can be viewed within a specialist taxonomy viewer. We have had a number of requests for the details to be shown in a spreadsheet.

Below are the UK-GAAP minimum and full taxonomies. Click on the link to download the excel spreadsheet. 

ukgaap minimum.xls uk-gaap minimum taxonomy
Size : 687.5 Kb
Type : xls
uk gaap full.xls uk-gaap full taxonomy
Size : 2176 Kb
Type : xls

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